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Tube power supply PCB with bias supply

For my 815 amp, as well as other projects, I designed a PCB that provides HV rectifiers and filter caps plus an isolated supply that can be used as a negative bias supply.

It's pretty self-explanatory.  The HV side uses a bridge made of TO-220 rectifiers (I would suggest a SiC Schottky) with a center tap.  This provides two voltages, a high voltage, and a lower (roughly 1/2 the high voltage).  The filter caps are arranged in series.  This allows you to generate a high B+ (for example, 600V) and a lower voltage for drivers and screen supplies.

Pads are provided for chokes in both the B+ and S+ (lower voltage) path.  If you don't need a choke you can install a jumper wire.

The bias supply is a separate bridge rectifier and CRC filter.  There's pads on the PCB to allow you to connect the positive side (C+) to GND, so you get a negative bias supply (C-).  You do not have to make this connection, so you could also use it to generate a separate, floating power supply voltage.

For help designing a power supply, I highly recommend Duncanamps PSUD simulation program.  It will help you figure out optimal values for the caps, chokes, and resistors.

Here's the schematic (or download a PDF file):

Here is the PCB, available on eBay:

The assembled PCB: