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Files for "A Single-Ended E-Linear Amplifier" from AudioXpress 04/05

Here you can download some supplementary info and files for the E-linear amplifier published in AudioXpress magazine, April, 2005.  The article isn't posted here - please go buy a copy of AudioXpress to get the full story!

Here's the Schematic (31kB PDF file)

The drawings are pretty hard - OK, impossible - to read in the magazine.  So I put together a PDF file of just the figures and drawings so you can read them (232k PDF file)

Mechanical drawing CAD files: AutoCAD 2000 DWG file (504kB) or R12 DXF file (964kB).  This drawing has all of the details in it - turn on and off the different layers to get the info that you need.  

To make use of these files, you'll need some kind of CAD software or CAD file viewer.  Do a quick internet search for "DXF viewer" or something similar - there are free CAD programs out there that should work fine.  With all layers on it's a little confusing!

If you don't want to mess with CAD...   PDF view of the internal wiring (371kB PDF file) and a 1:1 close-up of the terminal board (140kB PDF file).  Note that it's been brought to my attention that there is an error on the wiring diagram in the connections to the rectifier tubes - I'm one pin off on the connections.  Please follow the schematic!

And, a parts list (.XLS file)