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Breakout board with banana binding posts

I made this board as much for my "day job" as an easy way to hook stepper motors up to test equipment, using standard banana plug patch cables.

It was also useful for breadboarding audio amps, as a way to connect bench supplies and speakers to the prototype.

I tried selling them assembled but never sold many, and I still have PCBs sitting around, so I decided to sell them to DIYers.

Here's the blank PCB for "Banana Bob":

The binding post / banana jacks I used are from EF Johnson / Cinch, part numbers 111-0702-001 (red) and 111-0703-001 (black).  The terminal blocks are Phoenix Contact 1729144. They're available from Mouser. 

The PCB is in my eBay store.  I'll supply it with standoffs pressed in unless you tell me not to.