The Wheatfield Audio HA-1 Headphone Amplifier

The Wheatfield Audio HA-1 is the best low-cost headphone amplifier on the market.  It's line outputs also make it an excellent single-source preamp, to use between a CD player and power amplifier(s).

The HA-1 is designed to provide a listening experience far superior to solid-state headphone amplifiers, and other inexpensive so-called "tube" headphone amps.  We believe that we have succeeded, in a big way.

The HA-1 uses the ECC82 (the European designation for 12AU7) tube as a voltage amplifier, and a pair of special triodes, the 7044, as output tubes.  The 7044 was designed for use in computers, and makes an excellent low-impedance output stage.  In fact, the output impedance of the HA-1 is so low (around 35 ohms) that it can drive even low-impedance headphones, like Grados, with ease.

Even though the HA-1 is inexpensive, high-quality components are used throughout.  Polypropylene capacitors, toroidal power transformer... everything you hope to find in a good piece of equipment is there. It is truly a marvel of affordable audiophile equipment!

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